Friday, 20 September 2013

Welcome to A Novel Adventure, my new blog to go along with my YouTube channel, in which me and my friend Katie talk about all things books. You should definitely check it out and maybe subscribe for virtual cookies. (:

In this wonderful new blogger place I will be probably ranting, gushing and reviewing books, as well as anything else that might be on my mind. Katie may also appear from time to time but I already review the books I read on GoodReads (Feel free to friend me on there if you like) but I am hoping to make my reviews bigger and better!

I read a lot of books usually fantasy, dystopia or apocalyptic but I'm a fan of a lot of different genres.  I'm starting a new series for my YouTube channel called 'Classic Attempt' in which I try and read all of those Classic's I've been struggling to read for most of my life.

If anyone wants something reviewed I would be more than happy to take suggestions, and if it sounds like something I would read I will give it a whirl.

Happy Reading (:



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  2. Hey there! love your blog! I saw you on goodreads and followed you with bloglovin and GFC :-) Mind checking out mine?