Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Commitment to YouTube and Blogging!

Hello there amigos,

Firstly let me just apologise for making a blog and then completely abandoning it. I just went back into my last year of University and that has meant having no time for anything other than work, but I think I'm just about on top of everything now. That means I should have more time for YouTube and Blogging- Yay. 

So commitment everyone! From now on I'm going to write and post something for my blog every Saturday. I realise that one post a week isn't a lot for a blog but with my Uni schedule I think its all I can manage for now. If I get swamped with work again I'll ask Katie to post something on here so there will definitely be something up every Saturday. 

In terms of YouTube I'm filming a whole bunch of videos with Katie this afternoon, and we pretty much have a schedule sorted all through November so there will be at least one video a week on our YouTube channel 'A Novel Adventure' so make sure you are subscribed for that. (Well I had to get a little casual promo in there somewhere didn't I? ) I'm not sure yet what our upload day will be since that's pretty much up to Katie as her internet is much faster than mine, but we are defiantly going to try and make it the same day and time every week. I will let you guys know when I do what day and time our videos will be going up. 

Since I'm going to be busy with University we are going to record a bunch of videos and then Katie will edit and upload them every week. That will probably mean we will be wearing the same clothes and stuff in all of our videos so I'm sorry about that but it's the only way I can guarantee a video a week. 

Again sorry about the lack of videos and posts but I promise that is behind us . From now on there shouldn't be a gap as big as this on our YouTube or on this blog. I am usually freakishly organised and as such I'm really excited to write weekly posts and make weekly videos!

I shall be seeing you all again on Saturday for another post. (:


(P.S I don't know why I had the urge to speak Spanish, I think it's because the weather in the UK right now is completely miserable and I'd rather be in Spain)  

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