Saturday, 21 December 2013

Horrible Histories

Have you heard of Horrible Histories? it's a book and a TV series. In particular, I want to talk to you all today about the TV series which is brilliant. (I am in fact actually watching it right now..)

Look at the beautiful cast.
Just LOOK AT THEM. (sorry I get emotional thinking about Horrible Histories.)

So yes.. this TV show is funny, interesting, clever and most importantly teaches you things! I don't even care that it's meant for children.. adults can watch it too you know. The funny thing is I know more adults that watch it than children, oh life you are funny sometimes. This show features various different sketches about history (as you must have gathered) and puts them in a funny light. It also tells you facts and asks you questions about history.

The show also features a song an episode, these songs are very clever and I won't deny a few of them are on my phone.. my favourites include The Four George's and The Suffragette Song, check them out here:

The Four George's:
The Suffragette Song:

Go forth and watch all the horrible histories!
(I promise I'm not addicted)

As I said before, the cast act so well and I love them all so so much. Horrible Histories ended on it's fifth series this year sadly but the whole cast have recently been on a new show: it's called Yonderland and I believe it's the finale tomorrow.

Go check that out here..

I just realised how much advertising I'm doing for these shows.. I'm not getting paid I promise! I just really like them!

With all that said, hope you guys have a lovely day and talk to you soon :)
Bye x


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