Sunday, 8 December 2013

Why is Christmas so exciting?

Hey guys,

So I was wondering why Christmas is so exciting. 'Cause it is most definitely very exciting but as a 20 year old I'm not sure why. As a child you know that Santa is coming and presents are super exciting and you have adults hyping it up, but (spoilers) Santa isn't real and a lot of the presents I get now I will have probably asked for myself.

The day itself in my house has always been really chilled out, we get up have breakfast then get ready and open presents. Usually at least one of those presents is something that I have to set up or play with or something like that. Then it's time to eat.

For most people the food is probably exciting but I'm a vegetarian and neither of my parents are- so the food is always nice but not extremely exciting. And then we usually just watch a film.

So why am I so excited about Christmas?

I'd be interested to know what you guys do for Christmas, let me know in the comments. Are you super excited?


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