Friday, 29 November 2013

A little book review!

Yo, it's me again :)

Today I wanted to talk to you about the Cherub series by Robert Muchamore. This particular series (which includes 12 books) has been a favourite of mine since I first read it like four/five years ago.

This series starts of with The Recruit (pictured here) and it begins by telling us the main character's story. Here's what goodreads says: 

CHERUB spies, 17 and under, hack into computers, bug houses, download crucial documents, and Do Not Exist. James, recently orphaned, is their newest recruit, and brilliant in math. After 100 days grueling training, his mission begins.

I really do love this series. It's definitely for children but young adults could still read it and love it if they find it interesting enough.  James is rather a hard character to love, especially at the beginning of the series but throughout he starts to develop and become a much more lovable person. The characters in this series, I think are the best thing about it. They all have different personalities and get on well with each other, well apart from a few...

One character that really grates on me is Lauren, James's half-sister. I don't quite know why? maybe it's because she can be really frustrating sometimes.. hmm.

Anyway, the series develops throughout the next 11 books and there are some I prefer to others certainly. But I can say that the series did not disappoint and the 12th book had a great ending. Don't panic if you haven't finished the series yet and you think your too "grown up" to finish it because the last few books clearly show the characters more grown up so you will be more likely to relate to them.

Please read this series as I would recommend it 100 times or more! Let me know if you've read it and what you think. 

p.s. Is there meant to be a Cherub film coming out soon or has that been delayed? 

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