Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Thor: The Dark World and Other Things

*Please note this post may contain spoilers.*

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I had a little think and thought that today I'd do a blog post about the latest Thor movie and Marvel films in particular. Recently, I've noticed that a few hardcore Marvel comic book fans seem to think that you can't enjoy a Marvel film without being this hardcore a fan. Obviously, I disagree. See, I enjoyed the first Thor film an awful lot without knowing what it was about- I also enjoyed Avengers Assemble, Captain American, Iron Man and of course the latest Thor film. The general consensus seems to be that Thor TDW is a brilliant film and I don't think everyone watching is either a Loki fan-girl or a hardcore comic book fan... so they must be doing something right.

Now moving onto the film itself..

What I found about this film in particular is that (and wait for it!) I preferred it to the first Thor film! I loved the first one but I found the sequel added more depth and comedic effect which made it better in comparison. The acting was superb and yes I'm a fan of Tom Hiddleston so don't get me wrong I loved every minute he was on screen. But I must mention that all the other actors (I can't bothered to type out all their names- have a look on IMDB) were also wonderful and I'm not surprised this is the top grossing film at the moment.

The story was shown in depth and there were many a surprises (and yes I'm talking to you Hiddles) along the way. Don't watch this film if you want to keep your emotions in tact. I'm not even kidding. Make sure to bring some tissues because there's a few sad scenes and a surprise cameo. Make sure you go to see it if you have the chance to because you won't regret it.  I saw it last weekend and I'm already desperate to see it again.. it's a shame the DVD won't come out for months yet...

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