Thursday, 21 November 2013

My Music Taste..

Hey there guys! It's me Katie (: happy Thursday! hope you are all well.

Today I thought I'd talk to you all about the music that I listen to and in particular the music that I don't like to admit to listening to..

Since 2009, I've been a massive fan of The Killers- I like pretty much all of their songs (albeit a few) and have seen them in concert, which was incredible by the way. Since 2011 I've also been a massive fan of McFly after my friend persuaded me to listen to their music. I've seen them twice in concert and I was blown away both times by just how great they are. I also may have bought their autobiography and fan-girled a bit but who wouldn't? I don't mind admitting to liking these bands and in fact I'm proud to say I like them but I do listen to some stuff I wouldn't mind keeping behind closed doors..

OK. That sounded worse than I meant it to be. When I'm feeling unhappy I like to listen to Glee an awful lot because the cheese just brings the happy. I don't usually mind saying I listen to Glee but I'm starting to lose interest in the show as it carries on with it's fifth season (fifth!).  I know a lot of people don't like Glee full stop so that is why I'm tempted to hide away the fact that I listen to Glee on full blast.

I also like to listen to Steps. Yes that "pop group that existed like 10 year ago"! My favourite song is Tragedy,  be honest here who doesn't like Tragedy? that song is a classic!

Another favourite guilty pleasure of mine is The Bangles, they did such songs as "Walk Like an Egyptian" and "Manic Monday", I have that album on my phone and listen to it regularly.  I try not to think that this was what my Mum and Dad were listening to like 15 odd years ago..

Anyway! that's a few of my guilty pleasure music stuff. If you want to comment and tell me yours, that would be lovely. Talk to you all soon,


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