Monday, 25 November 2013

My problem with playing games

Hey guys,

So I am really weird. That's probably obvious but I'm going to explain one of the things that makes me weird: I like video games but I never actually play them.

I really like video games, games like assassins creed, the walking dead, final fantasy. I love all of these games but I haven't really played them a great deal. Granted I have played through one of the assassins creed games completely and got part way through another one but mostly I just watch play-through's of games on YouTube and never get round to playing them for myself. Even when I have the game. Like I've watched Hannah from the Yogscast's play-through of the walking dead, and a few months ago my friend lent me the game so I could play it for myself, and....I haven't even installed it on my computer yet.

It's mostly because I have a bunch of work to do for uni, I have my YouTube channel and this blog to keep updated and when I've finished all that I just can not be bothered to find the energy to actually play a game for myself- especially when there's a much more competent person whose already uploaded a play-through to YouTube. The main thing I like about the games are the story anyway, and I find that out a lot quicker when I don't have to rely on my abismal gaming abilities.

Is this a really bad thing? Am I missing out by not playing the games themselves?

If any of you guys like games let me know what you think in the comments (:


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